Philipp Ostermaier

2009,Jun / Taipei810

Taipei810 is based on a competition brief for a performing arts centre in taipei which is asking to embed 3 theatres in one building. From a typological research of theatres which centres around the relation of audience to stage a formula for 3 generic types emerged:

180° Opera + 270° Thrust Stage Theatre + 360° Theatre in the Round = 810° Theatre.

These 3 theatre - types are created through the parametric malleability of delaminating shells , making them at the same time individually differentiated but also recognisable as parts of a whole. On an urban level the project tends to integrate with the surrounding urban fabric by lifting up its main volume from the ground and therefore bundling pedestrian movement underneath by directing it between the 3 theatres volumes. These pathways are also vertically differentiated by a system of ramps to connect to the theatres main distribution space and the roof, which becomes an extension of public space.

Flash Site : Taipei810